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Win an anatomy textbook!

Win an anatomy textbook

Hungover Boxing Day by The Gasoline Brothers

For the last few years we have invited you to join our xmas-competition and this year is no different. We are giving away an "Atlas der Anatomie des Menschen", written by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tillmann.

How to win?

- Join our "Humans-Drinking-Mulled-Wine-While-Abiding-By-Corona-Regulations-Chain" by sending in a video of you drinking mulled wine (or any other hot or cold drink) on your own. The idea behind is it that even though we cannot meet or have our annual Christmas-pasrties, we can still have fun together.

We will cut a video out of all the clips you send in. To give you an idea of how it will look like, we shot the first five scenes. Of course, the final video will be embellished a lot more - it's Christmas after all.

A quick overview what you should do:

  • Take a video of you doing the following:
  • Take a cup of a drink of your choice with your right hand
  • Take a sip, empty the whole cup,..
  • Put the cup away with your left hand
  • Send the video to
  • Deadline: December 11th 2020

Since this is a video, people will see you, however, if you want to take part, but not be seen - wear a mask, clown's makeup or a paper bag over your head. Just make sure you are actually able to take a sip and that you are alone in that video!

We do want as many people to join as possible, therefore, it doesn't matter if the quality of your video is bad (though, please, make it easier for us and send us good quality vids), the winner will be chosen at random. Deadline for your contributions is Friday, December 11th 2020.

The final video will be shown on our social media channels and in the last episode of this series, December 15th, 6pm CET:

Esthesioblastoma: Intracranial and Transnasal Tumour Resection

That's when we will anounce the winner as well. We can't wait for your videos!!!



Hungover Boxing Day

by The Gasoline Brothers