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Winter Term 2020

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Date Topic Guests CIVIS partner university

Nov. 3rd 2020
6pm CET

Covid-19 Infection:
Intensive Care Treatment

Prof. Dr P. Rosenberger
Dr S. Göpel

Sapienza Università di Roma

Nov. 10th 2020
6pm CET

Pelvic Fracture:
Central and Posterior Access to the Acetabulum

Prof. Dr T. Histing
PD Dr M. Küper
Dr S. Herath

Nov. 17th 2020
6pm CET

Neuroendocrine Tumour:
Ileectomy and Resection of the Cauda Pancreatitis

Prof. Dr A. Königsrainer
Prof. Dr L. Zender

Universitatea din Bucureşti

Nov. 24th 2020
6pm CET

Prostatic Cancer:
Robotic-assisted Removal of the Prostata

Prof. Dr Dr h.c. A. Stenzl
Dr B. Amend

Εθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών

Dec. 1st 2020
6pm CET

Laryngeal Cancer:
Removal of the Larynx and Voice Prosthesis Implantation

PD Dr S. Becker

Dec. 8th 2020
6pm CET

Adenoma of the Deep Face Region:
Transmandibular Approach

Prof. Dr Dr S. Reinert
Prof. Dr Dr M. Krimmel

Dec. 15th 2020
6pm CET

Intracranial and Transnasal Tumour Resection

Prof. Dr M. Tatagiba
Dr C. van Schaik