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General questions about Sectio chirurgica:

The SC was originally a supplementary course for the medical students taking Macroscopic Anatomy at the Univesity of Tübingen.  The main focus of this course was and still is to connect Pre-Clinical and Clinical studies.

Sectio chirurgica is produced by the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis, division of Clinical Anatomy, at the University of Tuebingen and its director Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hirt. However, SC would not be possible without the medical professionals of the University Hospital in Tuebingen.

Yes, the T SC is a non-profit production and is made possible by the support of volunteer clinicians, professors and students.

Yes, for each episode there is a corresponding case study outline uploaded to the SC website.  The case files can be found after logging in either below the livestream, or below the videos in our media centre.

Questions about the Live-Stream

Yes, future episodes will be made available in our media library shortly after airing. We have started adding past episodes to the library as well.

No, the Copyright  for all episodes belongs to the Tübingen Institute of Anatomy. 

Second Stream Screen:

On your smartphone you can access additional information, camera angles, anatomy pictures and background information about the episode via Second Stream Screen (SSS).

After accessing live-voting via Second Stream Screen (SSS) you are able to engage interactively and submit answers to questions raised in the episode. Questions will appear within the live-stream on your computer. Using your smartphone enables you to vote while still watching the episode in fullscreen mode. There is no need to enter and exit fullscreen mode anymore to become a part of Sectio chirurgica.

Question about Login:

We currently have a new online registration system.  After you have successfully registered and created your own individual password, you will then initially receive a confirmation Email.    As soon as we verify your registration information, your account will be activated.  At this point, free-access is granted to the online streaming, chat and website.  Please remember when you log yourself in that you are using the correct capitalization and lowercase letters. 

Technical Problems:

The main reason for your picture or sound not working right is ussually due to your internet connection.  Oftentimes there is not enough bandwidth for the streaming and brief interruptions take place.  Therefore,  we recommend a high-speed internet with a minimum of  16.000 kbit/s.

If by chance the picture/sound is not working due to things on our end, we apologize in advance.  We are constantly working on our improving our technology and performance.  On average there are about 10-12 people behind the scenes to help the stream run smoothly. 

Yes, this function is currently supported by our system.  Please be aware: to use this function you need to install an Adobe-PlugIn.  Google Chrome has the Adobe Flash player automatically installed and can therefore be used without further PlugIns installation.  If you are using any other internet browser, you will need to install an additional PlugIn.    

Yes, this function is currently supported by our system.

Please be aware: the Adobe-Flash-PlugIn must be installed. We recommend using Google Chrome on Android devices.

A large portion of both the SC production and behind-the-scenes action is run by medical students at the University of Tübingen.  The knowledge needed for this production, for example, streaming, camera technique, keying, video cutting, lighting, communication technique, audio engineering, medical technique and so on, is learned on-the-job and is continuously refined and applied to the improvement of the performance.   This does mean that we are not professionals and ask for your understanding  when small errors occur, for example, if a camera shakes or the wrong picture comes into  the frame.

Question about registration:

The main reason for this is mainly due to an incorrectly typed Email address that is saved to your registration submission.  Please try not to use auto-fills or copy&paste. 

If your registration was successful, you will automatically receive a confirmation email at your provided email address. Please check all of your email folders, including the spam-filter!  

Should you still have not received  a confirmation email, please register yourself again in our system and be sure to double-check the entry information.

The admittance or denial of your account is sent in a separate email, which you will receive at the latest shortly before the following SC production airs.  Should you be denied access to the SC, you will receive an Email with this stated. 

Very often the end of the Email address is incorrectly typed, here are the most common mistakes: 

Falsch: --> Richtig: 
Falsch: --> Richtig:
Falsch: --> Richtig:
Falsch: --> Richtig:
Falsch: --> Richtig:
Falsch: --> Richtig:
Falsch: --> Richtig:
Falsch: --> Richtig:
Falsch: --> Richtig:

Many of our viewers with these types of Email accounts have problems receiving our mail.  The problem is due to our mail provider which unfortunately reads these Email accounts as spam.  We send roughly 10,000 Emails out a day and can unfortunately not avoid this problem. 

Here are two solutions:

Solution 1:  Register yourself with a new Email address ( without  "" oder "".  We generally recommend that you register yourself with your university email.

Solution 2: Change the settings to your "" oder "" E-Mail-Account.  We recommend the following:

Bitte markieren Sie in Ihren Posteingangseinstellungen die Option: "Als unerwünschte Werbung markieren, aber im Posteingang belassen. Alternativ kann auch die Option: "Eigene Aktionen ausführen" gewählt werden. Sollte die Option: "In das Postfach für unerwünschte Werbung bewegen" ausgewählt sein, kann es sein, dass Sie die Mails nicht sehen oder diese automatisch gelöscht werden.

Possibly.  SC is a private production for only medical students or for those in a medical-related field of study or work.  In order to prevent misuse of the pictures and film presentation as well as to prevent restricted-viewers access, we require that online access be password-protected.    

No. You only register once.  With your personal username and verified password you can login to the SC website at any time. 

After successful registration, you should receive a confirmation Email within minutes.  However, the time until your account is activated may vary.  The account will not be activated until we check your registration information.  Each registration is verified and then confirmed or denied based on the information provided by the user.

No, you may not provide a third party with your account information.

We restrict our audience to only medical students and professionals in order to ethically and morally respect the donors and their families.  Each donor´s body is strictly for medical research and learning.  Therefore, Sectio chirurgica remains a closed project to the public and is only accessible to those with required credentials.