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Sectio chirurgica is a clinical anatomy production organized by Institute of Anatomy at the University of Tuebingen. The idea of this production is to provide a platform for medical students to follow surgical operations in real-time. In the following you will find important information about Sectio chirurgica...

What is Sectio chirurgica?

What is Sectio chirurgica?

Sectio chirurgica is an online course in which renowned and experienced surgeons demonstrate typical surgical procedures of their specialist discipline using anatomical preparations. These procedures are also moderated by an anatomist. The procedures are broadcasted live via the internet and available free of charge on

What is Sectio chirurgica?


Modern filming and presentation techniques allow spectators to have a vivid and close up experience, which is further emphasized by their ability to send questions right into the operating room via live chat. The surgeon’s explanations are also supported and complemented using anatomical and radiological demonstrations, as well as current technical means.





The course is broadcasted to the internet live using FULL-HD

Every field of expertise is represented, no matter if it is ENT, microbiology, or pathology

Anatomic facts are vividly demonstrated in our virtual studio

Presented LIVE and explained by radiologists: X-Ray, CT, MRT or 3D animation – all made available on the internet in HD

Using, explaining and introducing of most current medical technology

We welcome a lot of interesting guests in our studio and invite them to join the discussion

The "Go-To" people at several universities and institutions. By organising group/ lecture hall screenings they make Sectio chirurgica accessible to a lot of people.

A new live and multiple choice based quiz allows participants an active use of their knowledge

Questions can be send into the operating room in real time via live chat

Here you will receive background information, additional camera views and more.

Future episodes will be recorded and will be available on the online platform at all times

We are allowed to welcome participants and lecture halls from all over the world by now

Since summer term 2016 every episode is available in English and German.

Technical support is available in chat at all times. We are happy to assist you with streaming issues

What is the aim of Sectio chirurgica?

What is the aim of Sectio chirurgica?

Our main aim is to present the load of fact based knowledge for students in a vivid way and also to emphasize their relevance in clinical-surgical every-day life. Realistic cases are supposed to help students in getting to know the interdisciplinary ties connecting Anatomy, surgery and radiology.

At whom is Sectio chirurgica targeted?

At whom is Sectio chirurgica targeted?

Sectio chirurgica is a free of charge and closed event. Only medical students and professionals, as well as students and professionals of and in medically-related professions are allowed to participate. Further information can be found in the requirements.

What is new?

What is new?

The online platform has been completely redone for the current season of Sectio chirurgica. We have added several new and interesting features. From now on participants only need to register once to gain access to Sectio chirurgica’s content. The integration of video player and chat window is supposed to make following the episodes easier and more comfortable. It also allows access using mobile devices. By public demand episodes will for the first time be available in our online library at all times. The addition of a live multiple choice based quiz supplements the interactive elements and allows participants test and apply their current level of knowledge.

How can I participate?

How can I participate?

Sectio chirurgica episodes are broadcasted live on the internet. To gain access to the live-broadcastings you need to Register. If the conditions are met you will receive a confirmation email. You will then be able to login on the online platform and receive the Livestream using your individual login information.