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What is Sectio chirurgica?

What is Sectio chirurgica?

Sectio chirurgica is a digital and interactive live lecture produced by the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis of the University of Tübingen. In collaboration with the University Hospital Tübingen, surgeries of a variety of disciplines are performed on anatomic specimen and experts from several medical disciplines, including radiologists, anatomists, medical technicians, physiotherapists,... add to and further explain the procedures.

The surgeries are streamed live to the audience, which is limited to medical and medical-related professions and students. Registration is free of charge. Selected episodes are also available 24/7 in our own media library.

The streamed surgeries are translated live into English and thus, accessable by a worldwide audience.

Since its start in 2008, Sectio chirurgica has been constantly developed and several, mostly interactive, features have been added:

What is Sectio chirurgica?


- Chat: All videos come with an added chat-box, so the audience can discuss the surgery among themselves. During livestreams experts from the involved disciplines are also available in chat and selected questions are forwarded live into the OR.

- OP-Hotline: The OP-Hotline can be used by audience members to video-chat with the OR during livestreams. The caller can decide to connect via Skype or Zoom.

- Second Stream Screen: A second live stream, in which we present different camera angles and background information regarding our guests and the surgery.

- Technical Support: During livestreams the technical support is available by opening the support chat in the bottom right corner of the screen.

- Voting: A multiple choice based tool, so audience members can test their knowledge and, in some cases, even influence the course of the episode.





Quick Info

By creating Sectio chirurgica we want to bridge the gap between anatomic knowledge and surgical practice. A focal point is inderdisciplinary collaboration between medical disciplines.

Sectio chirurgica is a closed lecture. Access is limited to medical and medical-related professions and students. Further information is available in our terms of use.

To watch episodes of Sectio chirurgica you need to create an account free of charge. Due to the sensitive nature of the shown imagery, registration is divided into several steps. First, fill out the registration form. You will then receive an email containing a link. By clicking this link, you confirm the validity of your email address. Finally, a site admin will have to activate your account, after verifying the information you have submitted.