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Put Sectio chirurgica on the big screen - become part of the team!

You like Sectio chirurgica? You'd rather watch Sectio chirurgica with some friends than on your own? You want to be part of an interprofessional, inter-university and innovative medical community?

Then become a Sectio chirurgica ambassador and organise a local live-viewing, no matter if it takes place in a lecture hall, an instute of anatomy, your company's meeting room or your living room.

4 Steps to your own Sectio chirurgica

Simply follow this link, fill in the registration form and become a part of the Sectio chirurgica ambassador team. You then will receive further information via email.

If you register until October 15th 2017 you will receive free materials to advertise your event.

On to step two ;)

Organise a broadcast in your lecture hall or at any other location in your city. Please ask your Institute of Anatomy! Keep in mind: any location works - be it the lecture hall at your Institute of Anatomy, a meeting room, or your living room!

All you need is

  • A computer with a fast broadband connection
  • Newest version of Adobe Flash-Player. Download it here.
  • Projector & speakers

Please respect the Terms & Conditions for participants and only allow medical students and professionals.

Invite your "medical" friends, colleagues and fellow students. You can do so via Twitter, Facebook or email.

You can find additional information and attachments to send out here.

Have fun, watch Sectio chirurgica!

Don't forget popcorn and cool drinks! Connect to the Second Stream Screen on your smartphone, vote live and enhoy additional camera angles.

Don't forget to evaluate each episode :)

To ensure everything runs smoothly you can test your connection to us approximately 30mins before the show. As long as you get a picture and sound you know it is working.